Part 3 – A Peaceful Weekend

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Humour

man with flowers


“Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest

Yo ho ho, a bottle of rum.

Drink and the devil’s done for the rest,

Yo ho ho a bottle of rum”

Baccha remembered the song he knew from his childhood days. It was a song sung by the pirate Long John Silver in Treasure Island. He then pictured his moustachioed fellow dweller singing it. It was a funny thought. Baccha grinned.

Bakwasbola’s addiction to his daily dose of rum was only secondary to his legen-(wait for it)-dary ability to ramble on incessantly, the moment he found an audience.  On Saturday evening, his victim was the hapless Baccha. The rare grin by Baccha was misinterpreted as an acknowledgement of the speaker’s great oratory ability and Bakwasbola spoke an extra 10 minutes.

Finally at about 8pm, Bakwasbola, went back to his room, got dressed and prepared to go out for the birthday party of a friend (he made quite a few ‘local’ friends  – expats who he came across in the country and who spoke his native south Indian tongue).

Just as he was about to leave the door with a bouquet of flowers, he noticed the quizzical look on Baccha’s face. Baccha was still sitting and reading some lame book he had been reading for months.

“Oh yeah, it is the same bouquet I received for my birthday two days ago”, Bakwasbola said gleefully.

“Why spend more money when it is still fresh? See, it looks fresh. Doesn’t it?”

Baccha bit his lips. He had been wondering where the man was leaving with the fading flowers.

“Yes of course it looks fresh. Why don’t you sprinkle some water over the flowers? That will ensure that it stays fresh”, Baccha retorted

“Good Idea” said Bakwasbola heartily. He then went to the kitchen sink, held the bouquet under a running tap, shook the flowers and walked out.

Baccha laughed for a second, walked out to his balcony and looked out.

He saw Guddu and his Bermuda gang marching for the second part of the migration activity to the Empty Men office. It was an overnight activity but the guys were not taking chances this time, most of them had taken a bag with an extra change of clothes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, towels and some rolls of toilet paper. They were fully armed to stay two nights to do the proposed 6 hour activity if required.  Guddu was a determined man this time. He was not going to stay long enough to see his beard sprout again in office. He touched h is pocket and was reassured by the presence of his new Gillette Mach-3.

Weekends followed a pattern when it came to the various people working for Empty Men.

Six months earlier, before Backwasbola was in charge of the MechTee team (contractors for Empty Men), the big boss, ‘PPTwala’, was then in the country. He called day long meetings in this room on Saturdays. In that meeting attended by about 15 of the team members, a power point report and an excel spreadsheet would be projected on a large flat screen TV and read line by line from top to bottom for 4 hours. Then it would be read from bottom to top for 4 hours and after which it would be followed by a list of actions assigned to everybody in that meeting which they would have to complete in the next 24 hours. Sundays usually were reserved for one-on-one reviews with all. PPTwala was amply supported in follow ups by ‘Biwi No. 1’ and ‘Chacha Chamcha’.

Those days were now past.

Fast forward into the future, the African Gods took pity on the poor MechTee men and PPTwala returned to his home station for lack of a visa and the other two sidekicks disappeared much to the relief of the rest. A queer turn of events meant that they were left with just Bakwasbola, who was originally brought in to keep Cheeku Maharaj, the big daddy of the 5th floor, in check.

Nowadays, the men from Mechtee were far more relaxed. Pehalwan, Baba Om and Baccha managed to make time for a dip in the swimming pool, Sharaabi would time to wander aimlessly in the hotel premises with a drink in hand, Pujari his roommate would sit in his room singing Bhajans and reading the Bhagwad Gita and Chaatu Sharma was, err well, he still went to office on Saturdays irrespective of not having any work to do there.  The rest didn’t care anyway.

The weekends have been quiet in the recent past, unlike the one in which Baba Om and Sharabi saw a man drown in the pool and the ‘lifeguard’ far from resuscitating the drowning man, he almost fainted himself in shock. Or the one in which Sharabi got mugged in the most happening place in town.

Weekends are too quiet these days.

Could be the lull before the storm.


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